VAAKYA - It has been an absolute pleasure to have been given the opportunity by the Ponty Chadha Foundation and the Wave Group to design and develop Vaakya (available on the android playstore).

Vaakya is a picture based Augmentative and Alternative Communication Application designed for people with speech impairments. This may be in the case of aphasia, MND/ALS, after a stroke, in case of vocal cord problems or other speech problems. It is also suitable for Individuals affected by autism, cerebral palsy and various other mental and physical conditions. The app is an AAC (Augmentative and Alternative Communication) tool and can also be used to practice during rehabilitation. Even for individuals with such conditions that are unable to read, it works as an effective tool to communicate as it depends on images and audio instead of text.

With the app, you can create a combination of custom images and audio which are relate-able to an individual user in order to effectively communicate. For educators, therapists and guardian’s, multiple users can be created which can contain images and audio customized to relate to each specific individual.


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